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jeudi 19 mars 2015

Happy One Year Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!

YEAH !!!!! The blog is celebrating its first anniversary today. WOOT WOOT !! 
We coudn't be more excited and happier. This is insane how fast the time flies by.  

For the little story, Sabrina and I started So Trendy So Chic a year ago, March 19th 2014 to be specific. When we were still in France, learning german in the uni. So much great things happened since then and we hope it will go on this way as long as possible.

At first, we did create the blog for fun but now we are really invested in it, to grow it up more, to write articles of better quality, to make the blog more known and so much more.. Stay tuned !!! ☺

So here it is, happy bitthday to us !

Lauren & Nana ♥

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